How to change font on Nokia s60 5th edition


Tested on Nokia 5800 XPress Music


how to change font on nokia 5800 xpress music (s60 5th edition)

The practice is virtually the same as on s60 3rd edition devices (older way: without Fontrouter)

1st step: create on your desktop a folder named “Fonts”

2nd step: take a ttf file, rename it four times as you can see below, and copy to the folder previosly created:





3rd step: now connect your phone to the PC in data transfer mode and copy Fonts folder, with renamed ttf files, to the “resource” folder in the memory mass

4th step: now reboot your phone and…… font will appear on your device!

It will be possible to connect your device in data transfer mode after changing font practice (it was not possible with s60 3rd edition devices)

Some screenshots:

The font you can see in the screenshot is “Chinacat” and you can download it on Italian tutorial version, with the ttf file already renamed 4 times to have this font on your device

(ready to be pasted in E\resource)

Un grazie speciale all’amico Pdb per la traduzione in Inglese

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  1. Evrongun says:

    Che dire se non GRAZIEEEEEE!

    Non sono, ancora, un possessore di 5th edition ma..sicuramente mi ricorderò di questa guida! :)

    Un saluto

  2. Gl@ says:

    si,questa è la English Version,non so tu,ma io capisco meglio nell’Italiana :mrgreen:

  3. Evrongun says:

    Bè l’inglese lo ciancico abbastanza bene :D

    Un hobby anche quello ;)

  4. rosweLLsix says:

    – how can i do this to my nokia 5220 Xpressmusic cellphone?? :) GRAZIE

  5. Gl@ says:

    @ rosweLLsix:
    I’m sorry,but your phone is not a Symbian S60 and you can’t change font :(